Servant Leadership, Maslow and Daniel Pink in International Schools.

As international educational leaders we are interested in cultivating a motivational environment in which our teams flourish.

The term ‘servant leadership’ was coined by Robert Greenleaf in 1972.

Removing obstacles is one of major outcomes of servant leadership: ‘alleviating … pain’.

Maslow’s hierarchy agrees: impediments block access to maximum human potential.

Daniel Pink in his seminal work Drive maintains that we reach our full potential  via three factors: mastery , autonomy and purpose.

Here is a 10 minute RSA animation that clearly distills Pink’s main points.

Recognizing that servant leadership is a conduit for international educational eco-systems to progress toward self-realization, mastery, autonomy and purpose, potential open-ended questions remain, such as: how can we become better servant leaders in times of conflicting viewpoints? And how can we help develop future servant leaders in our schools?


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