Marzano, Pickering and Pollock provide an excellent guide for increasing student engagement and achievement.  

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High by Patterson, K, Grenny J, McMillan R, Switzler, A. (2011) provides a framework for holding what the authors calls “crucial conversations”.  These are conversations where a positive outcome for all involved parties is desired as well as those difficult conversations that must take place with employees.

Fisher and Ury’s classic work explains how to negotiate effectively by: 1. separating people from the problem 2. focusing on people, not interests 3. inventing options for mutual gain 4. insisting on using objective criteria. 

Myron Dueck helps us question our assessment practices with a student-centered outlook.  

Charlotte Danielson provides a blueprint for quality teaching including rubrics to help facilitate discussions regarding coaching and evaluating teachers. 

Pollock and Ford provide a succinct and readable resource for improving school leaders to improve student achievement using their schema for master learners.  

Leaders Eat Last  is for those who want to improve as leaders.  For those leaders who want to make a positive impact in their organization and bring out the best in their employees.  It is less of a how to and more of a culture shifting belief that provides thoughts and examples of how to bring people alongside you in your organization.

John Cotter’s work is a very readable source on change management, extremely relevant for leading school improvement efforts and strategic planning.  

Boleman and Deal’s seminal work discusses the four organizational frameworks: symbolic, political, human resources and structural.  This is a must read for anyone involved in understanding how to better manage and lead organizations. 

Huston, Floyd and Carnicero (three former CIA officers) help us understand how to detect whether someone is telling the truth, an important skill for school leaders.  

Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges is written for those going through life and/or employment changes.  This book provides great insight into how one manages transitions in their career, what you should consider, and how to best manage career changes