Leadership Websites

The members of the team met through the International School Leadership Program supported by EARCOS and taught by professors from Washington State University and the University of San Francisco.

This program is a 4 semester, 2 year course that is a combination of online learning and classroom work.  Cohorts begin either Fall or Winter/Spring semester.  The students complete online coursework, reading, and internships at their school during the semester.  The students also attend one week of classes in conjunction with the Fall EARCOS Leadership conference and the Spring EARCOS Teachers conference.  All of the students are teachers, teacher leaders, or leaders in their schools and bring their own knowledge and wealth of experience to the program.   The professors are experienced educators and leaders.

Upon completion of the program, students receive an administrative credential from Washington State.  Students have the option of completing an additional three credit thesis or project to earn a Masters in Organizational Leadership through the University of San Francisco. Principals’ Training Center provides training and certification programs for international teachers, counselors, and leaders in international schools.  Several of their programs lead to internationally recognized certification.

Educational Research Sites

John Hattie’s research and information is brought together in one place for educators and administrators to access.  This is not affiliated with his professional development program Visible Learning Plus.

Visible Learning – Information about What Works Best for Learning


Professor John Hattie’s professional development site.  Access professional development and interactive sources of his research in one site.  The Visible Learning Metax is especially helpful and interactive.

Visible Learning Plus

School Culture

John Jennings, Champion of Culture, provides a great sample survey and guide for reading the results here.  This is either a good starting point, or a great survey to utilize in your school.

School Culture Survey Template


Chris Wagner’s article provides the background and research on improving school culture.  He also provides a simple tool that can be used in a school to look professional collaboration, affilative and collegial relationships, and efficacy or self-determination.  

School Culture Triage Survey