The Ride to Principal Certification


The start of a new semester brings another set of classes, books to read, and discussion posts to compose.  Those involved in the early stages of this blog all have the same vision: to gather enough experience, expertise, and strategies to become a respected and trusted educational leader in the international school world.  Having this shared mindset has allowed for inspiring conversations with our colleagues in the International School Leadership Program (ISLP).  We are all working in international schools in the EARCOS region in Southeast Asia, some of us even having administrative positions already.  We are constantly learning from each other and sharing our experiences (especially learning experiences) with each other for the benefit of learning and growing.

Personally, I have found myself even more motivated to become a school principal than when I started the program.  I enjoy surrounding myself around passionate educators who students look up to as exemplary role models.  Education opens so many doors; it liberates minds and urges creativity!  Students who have a positive relationship with any stakeholders at a school are more likely to value education and its lasting effects.  This is the type of atmosphere I want to be exhibited in the school I end up working for.  Respect, collaboration, goals, trust, high self-esteem……all words that I want others to describe my school.  Everything that we do in these principal certification classes will tie into this big picture.  We will learn new collaboration methods, how to successfully manage school budgets, design curriculum plans and goals, acquire lasting human resources skills, and build positive relationships with other administrators.

My hope is that this blog will eventually attract other teachers and administrators looking to do the same.  This blog can turn into a forum of shared experiences, tips and suggestions, and new ideas that we all can use to make our schools a more vibrant and nurturing place to work and learn!

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