Data for school leaders

As an educational leader do you ever feel as if your school is in dire need of improvement? For many, if not all educational leaders, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.  This begs the question, how do we, as educational leaders get unstuck and start moving toward meaningful schoolwide improvements.  The answer according to this  text book is through the use of data.

Victoria Bernhardt’s seminal text is ‘a call to action.’  It is ‘about inspiring schools to commit to a framework that will improve teaching for every teacher and learning for every learner.’  How? By instructing readers on how to become ‘data literate’ and use this literacy to ‘transform data into information and then into action’.  If this occurs, schools are capable of making a shift away from ‘compliance toward a true commitment to improvement.’

Bernhardt, Victoria 2013.  Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement. An Eye on Education Book.  Routledge.  For more information about Victoria L. Bernhardt:

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