Summer Rest & Relaxation: School Leadership

School Leaders work extremely hard during the school year to help keep so many systems running smoothly, often doing many tasks that go unnoticed after hours.  It is important for leaders to take some time to relax over the summer in order to recharge their batteries for a new school year in order to be as sharp and positive as possible for the next school year.  What are some ways that school administrators can relax and recharge over the summer in order to be the leaders our schools ask of us for the upcoming year? 

  1. Technologically get away. This may be a difficult one for school administrators, especially at larger schools and districts with more amounts of responsibility, but turning off your device/s for even a few moments a day can help recharge. 
  2. Physically get away. Go somewhere you like, a favorite lake or country. A getaway can help hit the refresh button for a new year.  
  3. Volunteer.  Give back to the communities that have helped you along your path. 
  4. Get in touch with loved ones.  Take a moment or two to reach out and thank those important people in your lives that helped you get to where you are today.   
  5. Reflect.  Take time to write and reflect on successes and areas for improvement.
  6. Read.  Catch up on the latest educational trends and areas that you may need more professional development.
  7. Get into nature.   

These are just a few recommendations for school leaders to relax and recharge after a busy school year.  Be kind to yourselves, you deserve it, no one knows how hard you have worked to keep your schools functioning at such high levels. But your body and mind do.  And they deserve a break, so that you can come back next year with positivity, strength and joy in order to be the best leader your school needs.

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These are great ideas for leaders. We need to rest and recharge after a long year. It is important that we take a break and come back ready to do our job in the fall.

While it is not as relaxing, I attended a professional development for personal growth rather than job specific work this summer. It allows me to grow as a leader, but is not just about my current job. It is a good time to take these courses when I can process them and learn myself.

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