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It is job search time for many people.  The international teacher fairs are going on right now all over the world.  Teachers and administrators are trying to connect for the perfect hiring spot.  Everyone is looking for the perfect fit.

The reality?  The hiring process at an international job search fair for teachers is a efficient, necessary evil.

You have roughly 3 days from start to finish.  That is time to get there, hand out resumes, have first meetings, set up interviews, have interviews, set up more interviews, try to remember who you are interviewing with and what they are on about, and hopefully, if all goes well, you walk out with a job.

I recently presented at an MYP Job A Like in Beijing.  During my time there, I met a lot of people.  Names, faces, shaking hands, answering questions during the speaking, all of it becomes a blur.  It does not help that I don’t remember names all that well, but I do remember faces.

At the end of the event, we had a nice social gathering.  Of course, the obligatory handshakes, introductions, and exchanging of business cards occurs.  Standard meet and greet things.

During this, one man, whom I had spoke with early says, “I should give you my business card”.  While I am finding mine he asks where I am from, I tell him the Seattle area.  He then starts to mumble a bit under his breath.  Something about “Seattle, who is from Seattle”.  Then he says, something along the lines of “oh I will give you this one.  He is a good player.”

He hands me a player card for Ray Borque of the Boston Bruins.  Let’s just say I was very confused.  Until he explains it is his business card.  He hands out hockey player cards with his business information on the back side.  You see, his role is that of a developmental coach and helps run an ice hockey academy.  He explained he tries to give cards of players to people from their home town or some where close, which is why Seattle confused him.

Now, I still have Michael’s business card.  It has his information on one side and a picture of him and a hockey team on the other.  I won’t forget Michael, he is memorable.

What makes you memorable?  What makes you stand out?  What are you known for?  And looking ahead to this new year, what do you want to be remembered for?

I am looking at this card thinking of the time and place I met Michael.  He stood out.  If I ever needed to hire a hockey coach, I would consider contacting him.  Consider how you might stand out in the coming year in your field.

I think I am going to make a change to my business card now.

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