Crucial Conversations – A Book in Five Minutes

If you’re looking for an easy self-help style book that will help you in any and accll areas of your life – look no further. Someone told one of the authors of this book that the book changed their life. They didn’t actually read more than the title, but it changed their life! There is some truth in that idea. This book has a lot of strategies and complex steps you’ll go through before realizing that much of what you’ve read you already knew or knew some of before starting. You’ll probably have a hard time keeping all of those new steps straight, anyhow.

I think there is real value in recognizing that certain conversations carry more weight and have a propensity to get heated. Here are the three ingredients to a Crucial Conversation:

  1. Stakes are high
  2. Strong emotions
  3. Opposing views

Basically, if you’re given the chance, you’ll become argumentative. Now you know. That’s the introduction of the book. The rest of the book explains what to do about it and a lot about why you feel the way you do during an argument. You need to first begin to notice Crucial Conversations in your life and then reflect on your own style of handling them. Here’s the gist of what you need to do next:


Be Thankful.

As an introduction to the International School Leadership Blog, I find it appropriate to reflect on the recent presentation I attended by Ruby Payne (author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty). Along with many thought-provoking concepts on poverty and global classism, she shared a fabulous clip from a TED Talk on Beauty.